Friday, June 3, 2016


DJ 19
RELEASE DATE : Jul. 4th, 2016(beatport) / Aug. 1st, 2016(other)

A leading proponent of the Japanese club scene, DJ 19 did it again. 19BOX RECORDINGS' one and only label-boss delivered 'Movin' N' Groovin'', which is a sophisticated track that marries the classic and contemporary sounds often found it his productions. Its emotional spoken word chant and female vocal create a sublime cut between house and progressive house. 

We have managed to call in another one of our favourite Canadians on remix duties. After appearing as a remixer of Hot Station's 'Sexy Dancer', Chordlust has returned to bring deep style remix with mysterious and hypnotic sounds. Both mixes to spice up your DJ set!

YURIY FROM RUSSIAとのコラボ作品「L1st3n 2 Th3 Soun6」(19BOX109)を除くと、「Work That Body」(19BOX103)以来となる、19BOX RECORDINGS総裁=DJ 19によるシングル。「Movin' N' Groovin'」と題されたハウスとプロッグの中間に位置するトラックは、艶かしいスポークン・ヴォーカルと女性コーラスを纏い、古典と現代が交差する仕上がりに。また、HOT STATION(DJ 19 + HIDEOUT)「Sexy Dancer」(19BOX106)のリミックスに於いて19BOX初参戦を果たしたカナダのCHORDLUSTが再登場。ディープでミニマリスティック、ある意味ジャンルレスなリミックスを施し届けてくれた。