Saturday, September 8, 2018


DJ 19
RELEASE DATE : Oct. 1st, 2018(beatport) / Oct. 29th, 2018(other)

19BOX(JUKEBOX) RECORDINGS is celebrating its 150th release with an absolutely massive package! Under the control of label founder and head honcho DJ 19, 19BOX RECORDINGS has been releasing various genres of upfront quality dance music since the label's founding in Tokyo, Japan in 1999. Since then, the label and its boss DJ 19 have gone on to become one of the most respected labels and DJs in Asia. 

'Vigilance' is a Detroit influenced track we've ever heard coming from the producer. A minimal groove hops and bounces forward while pumping synth riff hurtles about as the tracks builds in intensity to a massive peak.

One of the remixes is by Wall Brown, who is also known as the one half of Echodust project along with Danijel Varzic, showcases his deep sound and flips the original into a surreal and mesmerizing rhythmic excursion with warm pads and mysterious voices.

More label favorites' Enno Karr aka Bread N Butta and One Less Of Them, completes the package with an ethereal tech version, retaining a strong Detroit flavor of the original, while adding piano riff and potent rhythm into the mix.

1999年の設立以来、ジュークボックスで永遠に鳴り続けるようなアップフロント・クオリティ・ミュージックを提供している19BOX(JUKEBOX) RECORDINGS。記念すべき150番目のタイトルは、レーベル総帥であるDJ 19の「Vigilance」。過去のPHUTUREFUNKスタイルとは異なり、デトロイト・テクノへの敬愛を感じるサウンドに。リミキサー陣はWALL BROWNとENNO KARRを完備。メロディックなディープ・グルーヴに定評があるギリシャのWALL BROWNは、ECHODUSTの片割れとしても有名で、ENNO KARRは、BREAD N BUTTAとONE LESS OF THEMで19BOXに貢献している南アフリカ出身、現カナダ在住のプロデューサーによる別名義だ。