Thursday, September 10, 2015


RELEASE DATE : Nov. 2nd, 2015(beatport) / Nov. 30th, 2015(other)

19BOX RECORDINGS is celebrating its 100th release with an absolutely massive package! Under the control of label founder and head honcho DJ 19, 19BOX RECORDINGS has been releasing various genres of upfront quality dance music since the label's founding in Tokyo, Japan in 1999. Since then, the label and its boss DJ 19 have gone on to become one of the most respected labels and DJs in Asia. 

"19" is pronounced "Juku" in Japanese, so this is where the name 19BOX(JUKEBOX) stems from. The concept in the name other than witty word-play was to allow us to keep supplying music on an endless cycle - much like that of a traditional jukebox! As a result of our striving to provide nothing but pedigree tracks to the world of dance music, 19BOX releases have been featured on many of the world's best electronic music compilations like Bedrock, Global Underground, Renaissance and many others. 

This superb single does what 19BOX has done so well for so many years - mix up and coming talent with established artists all in pursuit of its mission of entertaining people with the freshest sounding electronic music. 'XTC' is a cornucopia of DJ 19's musical influences, favourite genres and his preferred styles of music. While the title may be a tad deceiving due to DJ 19 being completely drug free for his entire life, it reflects how ecstatic music makes him feel. "Ecstasy is the result of the drug of music and not the other way around."  

DJ 19 AKA Hiro Tanaka to his mum, has collaborated with the help of fellow producer Paul2Paul. P2H19 means Paul2Hiro19. Of course, with this being a celebration of 100 releases on the label over 16 (!) years, we had to bring in the right people to remix this special release. They have been there from the get-go or have been an influence of the label's sound in more recent years. Moussa Clarke is an old friend to us here at 19BOX towers. AutoCharm represents the 'new school' of the label. They're part of the direction in which we're heading. All three of these stellar producers make up package that we're very proud of calling our 100th release! We have never stopped our passion for music and our willingness to share that love with the public. Here's to another 100 releases and another 16 years, because we don't plan on stopping until the fat lady has sung, keeled over and has been buried after her funeral!

ジュークボックスで永遠に鳴り続けるようにをコンセプトにした19BOX(JUKEBOX) RECORDINGSが、1999年の設立から16年の歳月を費やし100番に到達。記念すべきタイトルは、レーベル・オーナーであるDJ 19がPAUL2PAULと組んだP2H19による「XTC」。ノー・ドラッグ派のDJ 19にして「エクスタシー」とは意外なタイトルだが、そこには"Ecstasy is the result of the drug of music and not the other way around"という意味が込められている。ヒプノティックなオリジナルに対し、長年19BOXを支えてきたMOUSSA CLARKEと、19BOXのニュー・スクールであるAUTOCHARMがエモーショナルでメロウなリミックスを提供してくれた。